“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Why Peponi?

We ensure every pupil reaches their full potential

Peponi was founded on spiritual principles in 1985 for those that desire a nurturing and high quality education for their children. We embrace our Kenyan heritage and the essence of a traditional British international education system, enhanced by a unique African setting.

The three Schools; Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten, Peponi House and Peponi School, are connected by the founders’ value of “Every child matters”. Ensuring that from the age of two to eighteen years old, pupils are warmly embraced in an international, multicultural, and multi-faith family. Pupils’ individual talents, passions and abilities are discovered and celebrated whilst we focus on growing critical, independent thinkers.



We empower every child to flourish by inspiring curiosity and awe in the world, through forward thinking excellence in teaching and learning. 



To nurture every child inspiring them to reach their full potential both academically and socially. Igniting curiosity and a love of learning through a world-class holistic education that enables them to grow into respectful, happy and successful global citizens. 



To recognise and develop a child’s individual character through a nurturing and holistic education and guide them through a journey of discovery that inspires creative and independent thinkers with an everlasting passion for learning. 

Our core values

The Foundation of Everything We Do

The following statements characterises the Peponi education:

Teaching at Peponi School

First and foremost, Peponi was founded by a family to become a family. From the very beginning, we committed to putting all pupils first and promoting the sound functioning of the family structure to help strengthen the fabric of society and give back to the world. We promise to protect and keep learners safe, model high standards of behaviour, respect, and conduct; to treat all with care and understanding, provide the best education, and ensure a nurturing environment so that pupils are empowered to become the best version of themselves.

An international family of multiple faiths and cultures, where pupils are taught respect for those considered different to themselves, gender, race, religion, faith, socio-economic status, talents, abilities, lifestyle choice, opinions, and perspectives. To appreciate the value of difference while strengthening awareness of their distinctiveness, enabling success in our integrated community and across the world.

Peponi School, although rooted in Christian principles, is an inclusive educational institution that fosters spirituality across various religions. We wholeheartedly embrace and cherish diversity, acknowledging the unique perspectives and beliefs of our pupils and the wider East African community. We are a school of many nations and a family of one.

We are a first-class co-educational boarding school founded on the ‘best practice’ of the British Independent School system. We are high achieving in academic, athletic, pastoral, and social fields. Our emphasis is on holistic excellence through broad and balanced schooling, which aims to maximise the potential of each pupil’s strengths and produce a true global citizen

We encourage our pupils to think independently giving them the courage and confidence to determine right from wrong and have genuine respect for all.  

Our pupils are encouraged to become inspirational leaders and to achieve their full potential with mutual respect, integrity, courage, and the productive exchange of ideas. They are empowered to contribute to the world once they leave the safety of school to become global citizens.

Peponi values teamwork, a sense of belonging and pride in being a part of something bigger than itself, where respect and care of others is a priority. We encourage joy in serving others and of giving back to the wider community.

Every child matters and has something to offer. We aim to tap into their unique potential, build on their strengths, and weaknesses, to develop the whole pupil in a nurturing yet demanding community that strives to enable all to be their best.

The child is at the centre of everything we do. We nourish intellectual curiosity, creativity, respect, confidence, and an enduring sense of belonging to develop confidence and the knowledge they need to become well rounded global citizens that continue to inspire and service the broader communities around them.

We proactively reflect and introduce new teaching strategies, always doing better tomorrow than we did today to improve academic outcomes and promote equitable learning.

We inspire pupils to enjoy challenges (growth mindset), and become willing contributors to society, whilst developing a sense of service and respect for the people around them.