“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi House Kabete KindergartenCreative Arts

Celebrating Creativity

Through our creative extracurricular activities, children are encouraged to be imaginative and expressive through arts, music and drama. We seek to develop confidence while celebrating individuality and creativity.

Expressive and Creative Arts run through our core, and are freely explored as a part of everything we do here at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten. We provide children with an array of character building opportunities to create using different materials, with access to a wide range of traditional and contemporary techniques. 

Throughout the week our school hums with musical expression. Walking through our corridors, you can hear the sound of individual and group creativity, songs sung proudly, and the appreciation of music from all over the world.

Drama is also an integral part of learning and expression for all our children. From their first imaginative role play, to school assemblies, performances and plays, we support the children to develop their individual skills, confidence and abilities, while supporting them to feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others.