“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi House Kabete KindergartenCo-Curricular

Opportunities Await

Children at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten are offered a wealth of opportunities for social, emotional, physical and academic development that reach far beyond the classroom walls.

Our extra-curriculum is full of exciting and engaging options for children, and not only that, our Peponi Bumblebees club after-school activities programme provides even more. 

We have a broad offering of extra-curricular activities, in Playgroup and Foundation they run after lunch time, whereas in Reception they start as the school day finishes, at 3pm.

Activities include:

  • Horse Riding
  • Monkeynastix
  • Mind Ninjas
  • Brain Sprouts
  • Football
  • Ballet
  • Young Engineers
  • French
  • Dance
  • Paint Like the Masters
  • Little Fish Swimming Club

The Curriculum

Our curriculum includes opportunities for Sport, Swimming, Art and Design, Music and Drama alongside the specific areas of learning. 

Sport and Swimming

The children have specific curriculum time dedicated to their physical development. We are very lucky to have wonderful, fully trained, swimming and sports coaches who visit us from Peponi weekly. We focus on key skills such as hand eye coordination, balance and movement in PE. The children get the chance to participate in fun games, football, athletics, dance and much more. Not only do we have a lovely swimming pool on site at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten but we also get the chance to use the big pool up at Peponi too. Our swimming lessons focus on the children developing confidence in and around the water, as well as the foundations of learning to swim.

Art and Design

Creativity is very much at the centre of what we do here at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten. Children are given opportunities to create using different materials, in their own individual ways on a daily basis. This happens through arts and crafts lessons, art on the computers, creating and designing outside pieces of work, all individual and personalised. The children get to explore and celebrate the world around them through expressive arts. 

Music and Drama

There are very few moments in the week where the school is quiet, every day, in every classroom there will be some sort of music celebrated. Whether it be the children creating their own music or appreciated and listening to the music of someone else. Children have opportunities to explore making their own music using different instruments, they sing songs from all over the world and in Reception they begin to learn about how rhythm and beat can change music. Drama is an integral part of learning here at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten, from first imaginative role play, to school assemblies, to school performances and plays, we support the children develop their confidence and help them feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others.