“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolSport

Nurturing Sporting Passions

It’s about great games, individual progress, life lessons, magic moments, positive attitudes and a fiercely competitive spirit.

Our sports programme offers one of the most comprehensive in East Africa. It allows us to identify and nurture as many sporting passions and talents as possible with the support of truly international-class mentors and coaches. 

Our programme is about the holistic exposure, learning and refinement of the values demanded of a successful lifelong pursuit of positive physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our sports programme teaches our young people how to be part of a team, to win and to lose; and be led; and to know when to strive for more and when to acknowledge setbacks. 

Through the power of sport, we foremostly aim to foster a lifelong affinity for sport and physical activity. Thereafter, we aim to support both those who have aspirations of professional sport, as well as those whose hearts are not motivated by competition, but instead through a passion for participation and recreation. 

Peponi Sport

Our sports programme is inclusive and founded upon equity to support the development of all those engaging from the very top to the bottom and everywhere in between. 

Peponi School is a proud member of the Kenyan Association of International Schools Sport Organisation (KAISSO); an association of almost thirty other international schools. Our Director of Sport is a significant contributor to KAISSO operations as an active member of the executive committee, and Peponi School is a highly active host of a number of KAISSO competitions across a number of sports. Outside of KAISSO competitions, our pupils engage with weekly inter-school friendly fixtures in every sport throughout the year. 

Sporting Opportunities

Peponi Sport is underpinned by six key components that drive our approach to sport: 

  • Great games
  • Individual player progress
  • Life lessons
  • Magic moments
  • Positive attitudes
  • Competitive spirit


By focussing on these, we are confident that we are paving the most effective path to fostering a growth-focused and learning-orientated mindset. We are proud to say that this journey to success has so far supported our pupils and strengthened opportunities for them to explore and develop invaluable experience. 

Celebrating Sporting Success

Our most recent celebration of sporting success took place on Wednesday 23rd May 2023. A well-kept secret amongst the sports department staff saw the great arrival and surprise of Eliud Kipchoge E.G.H., who generously offered his presence for the evening to support our young sportspeople with an invaluable speech, his time and of course, plenty of pictures as he presented the awards throughout the evening. The evening was truly a special part of creating some lifelong memories for our young sportspeople at Peponi School.

At our annual awards evening, featuring a new special guest each year, we recognise and celebrate the following:

  • Best Individual Performance (boys & girls, junior & senior)
  • Most Improved Individual Performer (boys & girls, junior & senior)
  • Service to Sport (junior & senior)
  • Best Team Performance of the Year (boys & girls, junior & senior)
  • Sportsperson of the Year (boys & girls, junior & senior)
  • Team of the Tear (single award)


In addition to the above end-of-year awards, pupils have the opportunity to acquire the highly sought-after Sports Colours each term. Pupils wear their Colours badges on their blazer lapels with a much pride during their school careers.

Talented Athlete Programme

Peponi School’s Talented Athlete Programme – otherwise known as ‘TAP’ – is designed to expose those pupils with a high level of technical and tactical ability to and develop various elements of a performance sport lifestyle. Mental skills and sport science are central components of this programme, also supported by athletic development, rehabilitation and mentorship. 

Mental Skills & Mentorship

All athletes have access to the mental skills programme, consisting of articles, group quizzes and speaker-led seminars specific to their stage of cognitive development. Within the programme, they will experience a comprehensive and practical discussion of the five ‘C’s; confidence, commitment, concentration, control and communication.’ As part of the programme, athletes are also invited to more formal workshops where leadership skills are scrutinised and developed in a safe, communal style amongst their coaches and peers. Mentorship, as an extension of the programme, is delivered in-person and involves a guided process of reflection where athletes are led to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in self, and tactical awareness. 

Athletic Development

The athletes we work with are growing athletes first and foremost, and we recognise that they will experience rapid and regular ‘growth spurts’. However, through recognised movement paradigms, our main aim is to firstly enhance the physical literacy of our athletes in a way that reduces injury risk, thereby increasing the amount of time they spend participating in and enjoying sport, and then secondly, to improve their athleticism for competitive performance.