“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolBoarding/ Weekly Boarding/ Day Pupils

Day, Weekly Boarding and Full Boarding pupils at Peponi School all work together to create our community. All Houses offer full boarding, weekly boarding and day options and, based upon the House and Tutorial system, Peponi School is a community operating warmly and productively. 

Full Boarding

For nearly 30 years, our boarding school experience has been a central part of Peponi School’s life and we continue to actively encourage our pupils to participate. With all our Common Room accommodated on site, in each House our full boarders enjoy a ‘home-from-home’ comforting environment in their single room. There are a whole host of weekend activities in and around Nairobi, including access to Northlands Ranch. There is chance for spiritual reflection time, Chapel services and ’down’ time as well as the security of a supervised Prep in central Library 

Fully escorted transfer between Peponi School and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is provided at every beginning and end of term, as well as the half term breaks.

Weekly Boarding

The benefit of full boarding but with family time at the weekends, weekly boarding gives a degree of flexibility for pupils and their families. In each House, pupils have their own room, arrive Monday morning and depart Friday evening. All weekday meals are provided and pupils benefit from being able to attend any activities offered after School, as well as supervision for evening prep with teachers and tutors on hand. 

A bespoke Weekly Boarding bus is provided, servicing Nairobi and its environs. Relaxing and down time with friends is also an attractive feature for the weekly boarder.


In each House, day pupils will share a room where they can work or rest. They can securely leave belongings and change for the various co-curricular activities. As a fully respected member of the House they contribute to competitions assemblies and House events. Options to stay overnight are  provided for those pupils engaged in late activities. All staff engage with day, weekly boarding and boarding pupils alike during the working day, and a sense of belonging to a family is created within each House.

There is a comprehensive transport service in place where daily pick-up and drop-off is available to all day pupils to a range of locations within Nairobi. The daily bus arrives at School at 7.30am and departs at 4.15pm. More often than not, the late bus provided (leaving Peponi at 5.30pm) is most popular for day pupils allowing participation in our sports and activities.

Karl Cook, Deputy Head (Pastoral)