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Peponi HouseCreative Arts

Creative and expressive opportunities

Our main objectives, through offering creative and expressive opportunities, is to lay foundations of a lifelong involvement for our pupils within the creative world by exposing them to all expressive and visual mediums through which they explore their inner voice.


The School’s creative art programme offers a wealth of art activities such as painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, animation and computer graphics.

We strive to provide a stimulating and safe environment for all pupils who wish to pursue art in any of its many forms. Expressive and Creative Arts run through our core, and are freely explored as a part of everything we do here at Peponi House.

We keenly explore the visual arts, using both traditional and contemporary techniques as part of the curriculum as well as in extra-curricular offerings, providing children with an array of character building opportunities to create using different materials. Guided by specialist teaching staff, children work towards the highest standards.


We believe music is an integral part of an all-round education. Our pupils are exposed to a wide range of musical experiences with a class music curriculum that covers topics that include Classical music, World Music Cultures, Music and Technology, Composition and creativity and Performance Practice. Each pupil gets an opportunity to perform on their own, or in ensemble, either in class or during regular concerts throughout the year.

As well as a wide variety of ensembles from String and Woodwind to Jazz there are also various trios and quartets adapted for high ability instrumentalists. All the ensembles are directed by experienced musicians who use these groups as an opportunity to teach techniques specific to their group. The pupils are also given the opportunity to form pupil-driven bands.

Choral music is well-represented at Peponi House by the Junior and Senior choirs. There are also the reputable Boys’ and Girls’ Vocal ensembles, which specialise in advanced multi-part singing.

As well as our programme of formal and informal concerts, including the Carol Service, we also join forces with the senior school every year to put on the Peponi Schools Joint Concert. This showcases the huge talent that the our musicians have, from Year 3 to 13!

We also participate in numerous inter-school music events and festivals. Over the past few years, Peponi has excelled at the Young Musicians’ Competition (East Africa), including taking second and third place in the junior soloists category for two consecutive years during the 2022 and 2023 editions!

Our well equipped and spacious music centre is staffed by highly experienced full-time and peripatetic music staff. As well as sharing their practical experience as performers, composers, music industry professionals, they aim to pass on their passion for Music as part of our holistic education.


Drama is an integral part of learning and expression for all children.

From their first imaginative role play to school assemblies, performances and plays, we support the children to develop their individual skills, confidence and abilities, while supporting them to feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of others. 

Through creative extracurricular activities, we strive to provide a stimulating and expressive environment where children are encouraged to find their passions, be imaginative and courageous through safe creation, music and drama. We seek to develop confidence while celebrating individuality and creativity.

Drama allows children to explore their humanity. As such, it is at the heart of so many things that we do at Peponi House. From exploring the relationships between characters in books to gaining the confidence to speak in front of their class, the children use drama as a way of interacting with each other and the staff.

As they go through the school, drama is studied in regular class time. Separate drama lessons enable the older children to devote more time to studying specific skills, including public speaking, exploring Shakespeare and other authors and working together collaboratively on tasks.

All the children at Peponi House are involved with drama. Speaking and listening skills are developed in many classes while the Verse Speaking gives them the opportunity to play with poetry, performing in front of their peers and the whole school.

There are also plenty of opportunities for the children to perform on stage. There are three full productions every year across the year groups, and the older years also get the opportunity to perform to parents in smaller groups in more informal entertainment evenings. Through these, the children learn how to work together to create performances and tell stories, both on and off the stage.