“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolTeaching and Learning

Our Bespoke Education

The Peponi curriculum goals aim to support all pupils to realise their full potential, academically, athletically, pastorally and socially. It is expected that this will be achieved through the provision of a number of academic options that provide excellent instruction, assessment, tracking and evaluating of all pupils. We pride ourselves in offering ‘bespoke education’ with small class sizes, which allow us to give each pupil individualised attention. Teachers are able to develop an understanding of how the pupil learns and in turn, our learning support department is able to provide greater support with special education needs, as well as explore further opportunities to stretch the gifted and talented.

The academic life of Peponi is guided by two key principles: to educate pupils to know as broadly, and to think as independently and incisively as possible. By such means we push to achieve the best possible examination results for each pupil. On this journey, teachers allow pupils to develop at their own pace and in their own learning style with the use of differentiated learning. 

The range of subjects on offer from Shell (Year 9) to Upper VI (Year 13) are tailored to the interests of the pupils and are delivered in an entertaining and dynamic way to bring the best out of the pupils. A creative education offers many benefits to pupils.  The overview below gives an idea of what is covered in different year groups:

Shell (Year 9)

At this level, pupils are exposed to all the subjects, which are offered in the school at IGCSE level. Maths, English, Science, Humanities (Geography, History and RS), Languages (French, Kiswahili and Spanish), PSHE, Drama, Music and Art are compulsory. Games afternoon sessions are timetabled twice a week.

Lower and Upper Fifth Form (Year 10 and 11)

At the end of Year 9, pupils are given an opportunity to select the IGCSE option subjects that they would like to take to the end of Year 11. Essentially, the IGCSE course is a two-year programme and the focus for the exams mostly begins in Year 10. Most pupils narrow down their choices and remain with ten subjects. However, pupils with Learning Support needs have a concession that allows them to reduce the number of IGCSE’s they take. This is usually left at the discretion and assessment of the school. There are compulsory subjects such as Mathematics, all three Sciences, English Language and English Literature. All other subjects are offered as options. Games afternoon sessions are also timetabled twice a week.

Lower and Upper Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13)

At A Level, there is more scope for choice. This two-year course begins at Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level) and ends at the Advanced Level (A Level). Pupils begin the course with a choice of four subjects. They then sit AS Level exams at the end of the first year. After the release of these results, pupils are required to drop one subject and continue with three A Level subjects. These are the final grades which are considered for further education. At this level, the curriculum is enriched by careers and guidance lectures, Community Service, University Fairs etc. As with the other year groups, Games afternoon sessions are also timetabled twice a week.

Universities and Careers

Our Careers Department follows a structured, progressive programme for Years 9- to A Level, building knowledge, skills and attributes towards employability. It provides careers guidance, advice and information to enable tailored career choices. It is also linked to our PSHE Programme. By the time our pupils reach A Level, their progress within the school is evident. For example, Sixth Form pupils are able to carry out independent research, engage in debates, and invite speakers from various fields for lectures. 

Peponi’s belief that imagination is a source to great learning and adventure is actively nourished in its encouragement of all its pupils. Pupils at Peponi School are prepared for IGCSE examinations by a team of dedicated staff, who work hard to bring out the best in all of our pupils. It is not all about academics and we expect our pupils to enjoy life outside of the classroom as well. Our aim is to develop the whole pupil within a caring community.

Twenty first century learning cannot be achieved without the use of technology. As a school, we have adopted the use of Firefly as our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This not only saw us through the virtual period of teaching and learning during the height of Covid but has also enabled us to develop and refine our digital offerings for staff, pupils and parents, while investigating new ways in which technology can be used to improve and transform learning.

Getting everyone rowing in the same direction is the key to a successful school. It requires a clear destination, strong steering, balanced teamwork and dedicated practice. The public exam results from last year at both IGCSE and A Level are an excellent indicator of a team that is rowing in the same direction. Hadi Upeoni! To the Utmost is what we strive for. Excellence: not only in class but outside and indeed, in life beyond Peponi. Peponian’s are curious, friendly, inclusive, hardworking and adventurous.