“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolElementaita House

A Girls' House from Shell to Upper Sixth Form

Elementaita girls are part of our big, friendly family, charcaterised by mixing and socialising in our Common Room, or turning out in large numbers to cheer on our House teams. The House is also characterised by its emblem – the flamingo – a spirited animal: expressive, open-hearted and, at times, flamboyant…

There are over seventy girls in Elementaita, combining day pupils, weekly and full boarders. In addition to myself, our resident tutor, Ms Amondi (Science and Learning Support) together with a team of House Tutors and our designated Sister, ensure that, night or day, Elementaita girls are interacting with the staff in an open, free and informal manner. The House staff are assisted by pupils who have been given particular responsibilities. This includes a Head of House and House prefects. They play a key role in helping to make the House a positive and supportive place, and we look to them to be role models for junior pupils. Life in Elementaita can provide structure where necessary but is also very spontaneous and fun loving: pupils are free to make their room a home. Once you enter the House you can sense the exceptional character and demeanor of the girls, from their snack-making skills to simply sitting around the Common Room, chit-chatting. Girls can put aside problems or challenges for a while and with the help of the House Prefects they are encouraged to get involved to help resolve any difficulties. These are the reason they foster such powerful bonds and living together feels like a family, which later progresses into long lasting friendships. As one of the girls reflected only last term.

I found that the thing I liked most about Elementaita was that we had so many individuals with unique talents and personalities, but they were all able to work together to get things done – a mixture of a family and a team.

Ms Esther Mwangi - Housemistress of Elementaita