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Peponi House Kabete KindergartenSport

Physical Development

Through our selected sports, character is grown alongside moral principles. We help the children discover fair-play, improve self-esteem and support their peers through participation in fun games, football, athletics, dance and much more.

Sport is renowned for bringing children together and here at Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten, we are proud to have specific curriculum time which is dedicated to the children’s physical development.

Whilst children often enjoy physical activity in its own right, children also build on their physical key-skills such as strength, coordination and balance. Beyond that, they begin to learn to win and lose, to take charge and also be led by others. To motivate themselves and push through their perceived limits. Our children are also encouraged and supported to develop friendships through mutual enjoyment and learn how to be valuable team members.

Peponi House Kabete Kindergarten children on the field