“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolPastoral

Harmonious Family Community

Our pupils’ wellbeing is our number one priority. We believe a happy pupil is a successful pupil.

The substance of our pastoral care is woven through the core of our House and Tutorial system, ensuring that we all work together to create a harmonious family community where our pupils are able to thrive during work, rest and play. We take pride in providing exceptional care dedicated to safeguarding and promoting our children’s welfare, our foundation to a nurturing and full character building education. Our Honour Code reflects this and is promoted at every opportunity, championing respect, trust and community to all.

Each of our five boarding Houses is carefully nurtured by the resident Housemaster or Housemistress. They oversee the pupils’ welfare together with family, personal tutors, teachers, mentors and medical staff. Each House contributes to the development of their pupils to excel in all areas of school life, overseeing a healthy work routine whilst enhancing an excellent family rapport of support and communication between all; providing lasting friendships, positions of responsibilities and special memories.

Our Pastoral structure allows a true partnership ensuring that every pupil feels safe, secure and most importantly, special.


As a Peponian, I uphold my honour through my actions in goodness and respect, discipline and truthfulness, and knowledge and integrity, and I lead my fellow pupils to do the same.

All pupils have a Personal Tutor: our Tutoring programme is aimed at equipping our pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve social and emotional development, and academic success, in preparation for university, college and careers.  This ties in with our mission here at Peponi, which is to develop the whole pupil within a caring community. The Peponi School Honour Code above, therefore, is integral to the tutoring ethos: we look to instil a sense of honour and an atmosphere of trust among all members of the community. While we all come from different backgrounds, religions, and systems of morality, it is our responsibility as a community to preserve the ideals that we deem necessary to maintain a beneficial learning environment.

The pupils meet their Personal Tutor each morning and this tutorial time is an essential part of their school life. Through different tutorial activities, pupils develop a friendly and cooperative environment which enables them to bond and work together. The Personal Tutor is a key link between pupil, staff and parent. Our reporting system both within the academic and co-curricular, is led by the pupil’s Personal Tutor.

We have three Tutor teams each catering for the needs of the different year-groups:  

  • The Shell (Yr 9) Tutor team
  • The V Form Tutor team (Yr 10 and Yr 11)
  • Sixth Form Tutor team (Yr 12 and Yr 13)

The Sixth Form Team has 12 tutors who work under the guidance of the Head of Careers and University Admissions. 

In addition, our timetabled PSHE lessons provide consistent and meaningful content across all the year groups which is followed up and reflected upon in assemblies and Tutor time.



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