“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi Senior SchoolMagadi House

A Boys' House from Shell Through to Upper Sixth

Magadi House, named after Lake Magadi in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, is a House which unites boys from Shell (Year 9) through to Upper VIth. All pupils are accommodated in their individual rooms, and take pride in not only their camaraderie, but also the opportunities they have to regularly get together to play pool, make toast, watch football or a film, or just relax on the sofas and chat.

We provide a caring, safe and friendly boarding environment, where every boy is valued and truly given a home away from home. It is very much an environment of fun and enjoyment that fosters a real sense of family and belonging. Dependable and lasting friendships are forged and maintained. Mr John Njoroge (Maths), our Resident Tutor, supports me and my family in taking care of the boys. In addition to this, our designated Sister, and team of House tutors play a pivotal role in mentoring and shaping the boys. To the new pupils who may be joining boarding for the first time, a mentor is always available to walk them through their occasional moments of self-doubt and indecision, in line with our philosophy of mentoring boys into becoming increasingly confident and independent.

The boys are taught tolerance, teamwork, resilience, respect and hard work. A spirit of considerate competition is actively promoted, and we feel that each boy’s talents, gifts and strengths find an avenue for expression. The green buffalo (our House emblem) will always find a voice…


You only need to come to Magadi during a house sport or music, to see how much being in Magadi means to the boys. Their sense of community and purposeful commitment is wonderful, and the synergy admirable.