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Peponi HouseSport

Central to the curriculum

Sport is a gateway for good health, development of skill and, most of all, having fun. At Peponi House, we carefully select sports that enrich the lives of our young people. Through a rich and diverse choice of activities, our children grow in character, develop their resilience, learn how to interact with each other and display their moral principles: qualities that Peponi House embodies as a whole.

We help children to discover fair-play, improve self-esteem and support their peers. We offer a wide range of sports including: Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Football, Cross Country, Swimming, Squash and Golf. Sports are renowned for bringing people together and, at Peponi House, we are proud to have specific curriculum time which is dedicated towards the children’s physical development.

Whilst young people often enjoy physical activity in its own right, at Peponi House, children also build on their physical abilities and their social understanding by learning how to win and lose, to take charge and also be led by others and to motivate themselves to push through perceived limits. They are also encouraged and supported to develop friendships through mutual enjoyment and learn how to be a valuable team member. Every child is given the opportunity to represent the school at our main sports over the course of the year which promotes our inclusivity as well as building up skills and confidence.

We have a large, heated swimming pool on site. Our fantastic swimming coaches offer a comprehensive programme of teaching, so that all the children develop confidence and skill in the water. Over their time with us, through swimming lessons in school, training before and after school and weekend sessions, our children evolve from non-swimmers to become the best they can be. Just come and see the trophies and medals we have won!

Peponi House has a large, vibrant and well-resourced sports department. The department is made up of fully qualified teachers and specialist coaches who deliver P.E., games and swimming lessons. The department prides itself on encouraging all pupils to participate fully in lessons. Through a range of physical activities, pupils develop improved skill levels, self-esteem, interdependence and knowledge of health matters.

Our team of staff is committed to developing sport across the school and providing opportunities for pupils to work on their skills outside the school day: swimming and tennis squads, late practices for minor sports and ‘academies’ are run after school and during weekends and holidays. A good number of our pupils leave Peponi House having gained a Sports Scholarship to their next educational establishment.

There are fiercely contested inter-House competitions, as well as a comprehensive and busy schedule of inter-school fixtures against other Kenyan preparatory schools in each term. Peponi House teams are a regular feature at most inter-school festivals and tournament semi-finals and finals. We host annual Hockey, Cricket and Tennis tournaments where all the Kenyan prep schools are invited to compete. Parents are welcome to come to watch the children and all parental support is encouraged and appreciated.

Many of our Under 13 pupils are selected to represent the Nairobi Schools teams in the major team sports and we regularly have children who are chosen to represent the Kenyan prep schools in international events, such as netball and rugby. We have a long tradition of success at many of our sports, especially hockey, football, tennis, swimming and cross-country, with successes at many IAPS events. We are especially strong at cross country, hockey, football, tennis and swimming, winning the IAPS events regularly.

We also have a programme of national and international tours. We have an annual trip to train our runners at Iten, which always proves popular. Further still, we have had international tours to Holland (Hockey), UK (Netball and Rugby), South Africa (Cricket) and Zimbabwe (Cricket). There are more to come!

We pride ourselves on helping every child to become the best they can be. Whether they are a 1st team player to a child picking up a cricket bat for the first time, everyone’s abilities are valued and developed. Come and see for yourself!