“Schools of Many Nations, a Family of One.”

Peponi HouseTeaching and Learning

Aspiration and Ambition

Peponi is an educational community underpinned by our distinctive ethos and the efforts we place into forward-looking preparation for success. With emphasis on aspiration and ambition, the quality of our academic programme is crucial to us. We make top-tier teaching and learning our priority. Alongside this, our pupils are given opportunities to acquire broader skills and interests which enrich their lives.


At Peponi House, we pride ourselves on giving children breadth as well as depth in their education. Our academic curriculum is based on the framework provided by the British National Curriculum and the demands of the Common Entrance (CE) syllabus for preparatory schools.

Children study:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Kiswahili
  • Science
  • Religious Studies
  • French, Spanish or Latin (from Year 6)
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Design Technology
  • Computing
  • Music
  • PE
  • Swimming
  • P.S.H.E

We encourage children to find their niche within this broad range of subjects, then support them to excel. Often independently, pupils find a favourite place too: the library, the classroom, the lab, the sports field or the stage.   

Learning to Learn

Exploration, interaction and thoughtfulness are the foundations of the learning experience we provide at Peponi House. Children are encouraged to be independent learners from Year 1 and they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

We aim to make the most of practical, investigative and interactive classroom experiences. Innovative technology is used wherever relevant and possible to enhance the learning experience.

We aim to challenge and stretch each individual child, acknowledging that they are unique, whole people who should be nurtured and developed in a stimulating, open-minded educational environment.

The Peponi Education

A framework for teaching and learning is provided by the British National Curriculum and the demands of the Common Entrance (CE) syllabus for preparatory schools. In addition, the breadth of learning that Peponi House offers gives all children the opportunity to excel.

Children are prepared for entry into independent senior schools (in Kenya and overseas) and some will sit for scholarships and all-rounder awards to those schools. An impressive total of  scholarships each year to schools in Kenya and UK demonstrates that our children can and do achieve the very highest standards.

We believe that children learn best by using all their senses and by developing an understanding for what works best for them. We make the most of practical, investigative and interactive classroom experiences. The children develop an ability to think for themselves and, as has been said before, take responsibility for their own learning. This learning is not limited to the classroom, and regular field trips enhance the experience – making the most of natural Kenyan resources.

Key Stage 1 and Juniors (Years 1 to 4)

Our dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff are committed to creating an atmosphere in which every child develops their unique range of abilities. We have high expectations of all of our children and deliver interactive lessons in all subjects to engage all pupils in their learning.

The Junior journey is enhanced with exciting and insightful trips where children are able to reinforce their understanding of topics and put valuable skills into practice.

We pay particular attention to the teaching and learning of English and Maths. We have two extremely well-stocked libraries, for Juniors and Seniors, providing the children with a huge breadth of reading material. This enables us to support the children as they develop from emerging to confident, free readers. Innovative creative writing, and laying the foundations of strong English comprehension skills are at the basis of our literacy. While in Maths, we have introduced a new and more demanding curriculum, raising our expectations of what the children should be able to achieve by the time they join the Senior Department.

Seniors (Years 5 to 8)

Year 5 is a transition year during which the children are taught English and Humanities by their form teacher, whilst exposed to specialist teachers for the rest of the curriculum. From Year 6 onwards, all subjects are taught by subject specialists.

All pupils take Kiswahili throughout their time at Peponi House. In Year 5, they do a term of each of Spanish, French and Latin. All four languages are then explored at a deeper level in Years 6 to 8.

All pupils are prepared for the I.S.E.B Common Entrance Examinations taken in Year 8. These demanding papers are taken in English, Maths, Biology, Physics. Chemistry and Latin, Non I.S.E.B exams are taken in History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages.