Welcome to Peponi House

At Peponi House, we take great pride in the achievements of the children. We like to believe that, in whatever they do, they always strive to do things today a little better than they did them yesterday. This happy pursuit of excellence is what makes us such a distinctive school - an outstanding school. This was endorsed in our recent inspection, when a team from the School Inspection Service rated us as being outstanding in every aspect of our educational provision. This is rare praise indeed and singles us out as being one of a very few schools to have received this accolade. However, we are never complacent and we will always aim to keep on improving and making the school the best that it can possibly be, in all respects.


Do, please, come and visit us. You will meet happy, confident children working with a quiet industriousness or playing energetically in a secure and friendly environment. You will experience the very special ambience of our beautiful grounds and our busy, well-equipped classrooms. Above all, you should have come away with an understanding of the special blend of elements that makes Peponi House, “A school of many nations, a family of one.”


Robert Blake


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Welcome to Peponi House

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