Sport at Peponi School is significant and compulsory. It is important at every level and every standard. Our top sportsmen and women play competitively against other schools. They produce outstanding performances that compliment the excellent coaching they receive. 

Our pupils enjoy two afternoons of sport each week, and while this is undoubtedly a chance to relax and enjoy the School’s impressive sports facilities after time spent on academic work, it’s also a time for fresh challenges. Peponi has built an impressive reputation for sporting prowess over the last decade, and our pupils continue to strive for more. In this, they are joined by a team of specialised coaches who understand how to motivate and hone their teams’ skills.

Peponi School has a strong reputation for sport and this is founded on a long tradition of competition.  Over recent years the emphasis has been on maintaining standards but broadening both participation in major school sports and in a developing an array of other sporting activities.  This allows large numbers of pupils to represent the school in a variety of different areas.  It is also important that sport encourages a healthy spirit for competition and allows pupils to balance their activities in their school life.  Both girls and boys have the opportunities to represent both School and House in a large number of different sports and enjoy a high quality of coaching and improving facilities.  The school boasts strong fixtures lists against other schools and also has its own House Competition internally to broaden participation.

Sporting participation is used to initiate team skills, commitment, self discipline and reliance and complements the work in other subjects and activities.  We expect both senior and junior pupils to represent teams when selected.  At senior level the demands on top teams are high in order that they compete in a provincial schools league but throughout the emphasis is on engendering enjoyment and a lifelong passion for sport.

Sport plays a central role at Peponi and our main aim is to support and nurture individual pupils.  We believe sport develops pupils' confidence through physical, technical and tactical activities which helps individuals develop their teamwork and leadership skills in a fun and competitive environment. At the core of our Games Programme is a team-sports ethos, promoting physical health and social interaction, and providing every pupil with the opportunity to represent the school.

Pupils' Games choices are controlled so that every pupil engages in a major sport. The schools activities programme allows them to sample other sports and activities such as kayaking, water polo, golf and badminton.

Whilst excellence is pursued for the more talented, we support every pupil whatever their ability. There is the opportunity for pupils to enjoy the fiercely contested House competitions, which are played in a determined spirit. We pride ourselves on our many awards for fair play and sportsmanship. We engender a love of participation; Peponi genuinely values sport for all. We aim to lay the foundations for a life long enthusiasm for physical activity.

Due to the constant change in fixtures throughout the sporting Calendar we are constantly updating the School Fixture list. Please use the Peponi Sport twitter feed to keep abreast of events. If you have any queries or questions with regards to any of the forthcoming sporting events, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Sport, Mr. Marc-Antony Eysele,

Marc-Antony Eysele
Director of Sport

Peponi School Sports Trust

The Peponi School Sport Trust aims to change young people's lives through sport. Established in 2016, we are passionate about helping all young people to achieve their full potential in life by delivering high quality sport opportunities for youngsters in the local community.

We try to give local children an opportunity to access different sports in a fun and enjoyable environment. By providing multi skills coaching mornings we hope to develop sport in Nairobi and help youngsters improve and nurture their sporting talent. We work closely with the local primary school so that both boys and girls can experience being coached by professional coaches in a variety of different sports and activities.

Alana and Chichi just after the Senior Girls St. Andrew's Turi Cross Country event, October 2017. Alana came first and Chichi third.

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