There is a long and proud tradition of music making at Peponi School. There are three choirs, two orchestras, a string ensemble and a woodwind ensemble. A large number of pupils receive tuition from a team of highly qualified, experienced and dynamic musicians many of whom are active in Nairobi music-making and education.

There are two full time members of Staff who deliver the curriculum and train the choirs and the orchestra. Performance opportunities pitched for all levels are in abundance, and pupils have the chance to perform to the school, wider community and beyond. Starting a new School is an ideal time to explore new musical opportunities. It is also very important to continue musical studies as soon as pupils arrive at the School; new routines are best established at the beginning of the academic year.

The Music Department offers individual tuition on a variety of instruments. Lessons last 40 minutes and take place mostly during the school day. These lessons are open to any pupil from any year group.

                                                   Music Staff for 2019-2020

Mr Edward Gutu – Guitar Mrs Alison Kiriinya – Piano & Flute
Mrs Betha Kusimba – Piano & Voice Mrs Corrine Laight – Voice & Piano
Ms Jacinta Mulaku - Voice & Piano Ms Winnie Munuthi – Voice & Piano
Mr Joseph Ngecha – Drumkit & Guitar Ms Judith Njuguna – Guitar & Drumkit
Mr Peter Nyabuto – Woodwind Ms Masala Sefu – Cello
Mr Fred Pessa – Strings Mr Steve Owuor – Drumkit
Mr Manasseh Uzele – Guitar Ms Masala Sefu – Cello
Ms Nyakio Munyinyi – Drumkit, Percussion & Traditional Instruments Ms Masala Sefu – Cello

Please note that, depending on demand, some teachers may be added or removed from the above list. Other instruments may be available. Please enquire if you have any questions. From September 2018 to July 2019, the rate is KShs. 2,000 per lesson and lesson fees are due in full at the beginning of each term.

Most lessons work on a rotating timetable and pupils will receive their own copy of the timetable for their lessons. They will also be displayed outside the music block. All lessons will be in the practice rooms in the Music Block (Rooms 1-6).  It is vital that pupils check their own times and turn up for their lesson each week. It is your child’s responsibility to excuse themselves from their subject lessons. At the end of each term, pupils will be asked to renew their lessons for the following term. They must ensure that they do so to avoid disappointment.

For any further details or questions about instrumental lessons, please contact the Music Department at: More information will be sent to parents directly.

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