Extracurricular Drama is an integral component of Peponi life. 

It is through the production of our school plays that new and often, outstanding dramatic talent is discovered and nurtured for future productions!  Each year witnesses Peponi's  Open auditions, which actively encourages students of all ages to audition for the annual play that is performed in the Hilary term.  The Open play expects nothing less than complete professionalism from its cast and crew, as the rehearsal process is extremely demanding, often exhausting,  but always exhilarating, and would not be successful without the full commitment from its ensemble. This production is always a must see, as it exposes the dramatic talents of our pupils, several of whom can often come from the junior section of the school.  Indeed, the 2016 production of The Real Inspector Hound showcased some exceptional acting talent from actors ranging from Lower Fifth (Year 10) to Upper Sixth.

It is during the Trinity term when our senior pupils are sitting their external examinations that the Peponi Drama Department puts on its Junior play, consisting of Shell (Year 9) and Lower Fifth( Year 10) pupils. Again, our pupils are expected to audition for their parts, and only after several weeks of rigorous rehearsals, do we see the finished product in the school's final dramatic performance for the year.

A highlight of the year is always Peponi's  Inter-house Drama, which takes place in the Michaelmas term. Peponi pupils are highly motivated, and they match this drive with a creativity that culminates in powerful stage performances.  It is this time, that each of our four houses is given a one act play to perform. Each house is expected to organise its own theatre ensemble, which must be represented by students from every year in the school.  It is up to the ensemble to delegate the various roles of director, set designer, costume designer, sound and lighting technician, and of course actors, so that they may be fully prepared to effectively interpret their script in readiness for performance.

With every spare moment the students can find in their hectic timetables, they workshop and rehearse their scripts. All this grueling creativity culminates in the final performance of their plays in front of the whole school and a panel of judges.  This is a time of fierce, but healthy competition, as the Inter-house Drama Trophy is much sought after by our drama enthusiasts.  Performance nights are always festive occasions, where the House ensembles assume responsibility for the running of the evenings, allowing the teachers and pupils alike, to sit back and enjoy what are always, entertaining and innovative performances.

An exacting year of drama must be recognised and the Drama Department closely observes Peponi's young dramatists throughout the year, so that the much coveted Drama Colours can be awarded to those young thespians, who have achieved excellence in this most creative discipline.

Dianna Davidson
Head of Drama

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