Passion & Participation

The wide range of activities on offer at Peponi school are enviable. Pupils are encouraged to take part in team building and leadership courses that are designed to nurture their understanding of the communities in which they live. 

The activities program at Peponi School is extensive and wide ranging and is offered alongside sport and musical commitments. Equal opportunity is given to all pupils. Our involvement in the Model United Nations, President’s Award and innumerable charity and community service projects has enabled our pupils to open interests that will last with them for life. Team-work generates the comprehension of the need for
personal responsibility in all aspects of school life. 

Leadership is something we admire and encourage. We live in one of the most attractive and exciting areas of the world. Kenya is stimulating in every way. An education here is a real privilege. We are all obligated to commit to the challenges posed by our environment. Our children grow to understand the responsibility of their role in an ever changing, complicated, diverse and rich society. 

The extra and co-curricular side of life at Peponi School is totally integrated into the routine of the school. The timings for activities are as follows:

6am – 6.45am: early morning training (swimming, fitness training)
7.45am: Sectional Practices for Choir
1.30pm – 2.45pm: Monday and Wednesday: circus of activities for Shell (Year 9) and Lower Fifth (Year 10) including, debate, art, photography, Kenyan history, critical thinking, environment and conservation; other activities include orchestra, drama, MSMUN, EAMUN, community service
4.15pm – 5.00pm: junior choir, string ensemble, EAMUN, MSMUN, drama, sports, dance, recreational sports
5:00pm – 6.00pm: recreational sports

This term, some of the activities we hope to run include: aviation, choir, orchestra, string ensemble, wind ensemble, rock guitar, school drama production, dance, junk to funk, Taekwondo, kick boxing, computer club, book club, film club, environment club, community service, chess, young investors, young enterprise and robotics.

Geraldine Coleman
Director of Extra-curricular Activities

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