Who's Who

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for the curriculum, teaching and learning, pastoral care, boarding, performance data, admissions, finance and school business management.

Mr Mark Durston, the Headmaster, has overall responsibility for all members of the school community.

Mr Joseph Njuguna, the Second Master, oversees pastoral care within the School, with particular regard to boarding, leading the Housemasters and Housemistresses, monitoring pupils’ behaviour and maintaining the day to day procedures. He meets weekly with the Housemasters and Housemistresses to discuss routine matters.

Ms Sylvia Meruh, the Director of Teaching and Learning, oversees the quality of teaching and learning, working with Heads of Faculties and observing lessons to ensure that each subject is delivered with excitement and pace so that pupils develop a love of learning.

Mr Ken Winstanley, the Director of Studies, monitors pupil progress and day to day procedures. He meets fortnightly with the Heads of Year to discuss strategic and routine matters. Together with Heads of Year he monitors pupil progress and academic results.

Mr. Karl Cook, the Director of Boarding and Extra-Curricular, oversees curriculum enrichment and the school’s extra-curricular activities, including the House system. He is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to increase breadth in our extra-curricular, curriculum enrichment, trips and expeditions.

The Boarding Team

Peponi offers every pupil a stimulating, secure and caring environment. Key to this is our House system, with pupils staying with the same House from Shell (Year 9) through to Sixth Form. It is within our four Houses that pupils build bonds for life, sharing challenges and successes in an atmosphere of strong mutual support. There are four Houses, two of which are for girls and two of which are for boys. Ms Coleman and Mrs Njuguna are the Housemistresses for Elementaita and Jipe respectively; and Mr Chuter and Mrs Eysele are the Housemaster/mistress for Chala and Magadi respectively. In the Sixth Form pupils retain their House, but move into the Girls’ Senior Boarding house, where pupils are cared for by Mrs Combes, or the Boys’ Boarding house, where pupils are cared for by Mr Tanui.

The Teaching Faculties

There are six faculties at the School. The English Faculty is led by Mrs Ayatta, the Mathematics faculty by Mr Njoroge, the Science Faculty by Dr Mulanda, the Humanities Faculty by Mr Ogodo, the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty by Mr Henry and the Vocational Faculty by Mr Laight. Each Head of Faculty is responsible for leading teams of teachers in the pursuit of teaching excellence and is also accountable for ensuring that the curriculum structure and the examination board suits the cohort of pupils and is delivered appropriately. 

The Tutoring System

At Peponi School, we have three Heads of Year. Shell (Year 9) is led by Ms. Kakkar, the Fifth Form (Year 10 and 11) are led by Mrs Nightingale and the Sixth Form is led by Mr David Kimani. The Head of Year is responsible for the welfare, academic progress and conduct of pupils in her year group. Heads of Year also organise year group assemblies and take an active interest in extra-curricular activities and, as the pupils get older, in options and university choices. Heads of Year hold regular meetings with the Tutors in their year groups to discuss individual and collective concerns. They also meet each fortnight with the Director of Studies to discuss pupil progress.

Mr Eric Kanyiri, the Head of Outdoor Pursuits, works closely with the Director of Extra-Curricular Activities to ensure that our pupils are exposed to activities such as mountaineering, kayaking, rowing, exploring and adventure.

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