Mission Statement

Peponi School is founded on Christian principles. It was established in 1989 to be a first class co-educational boarding school, based on what is best in the British Independent School system.

Our aim at Peponi School is to develop the whole pupil within a caring community. To impart to them the values and skills that will enable them:

  • To develop the whole pupil within a caring yet demanding community.
  • To impart to them by means of the challenges provided by the community, those values and skills that will enable them:
    • To develop a sense of self confidence, self-reliance and service;
    • To think independently, enabling them to choose the right and the good while discarding the bad elements they encounter in life;
    • To enjoy the challenges and demands of learning not just academically, but also in the athletic, pastoral and social fields;
    • To be aware of the holistic nature of their education, its requirements of the individual to interact with the community and its expectations of excellence;
    • To appreciate the value of difference while strengthening an awareness of their own distinctiveness;
    • To provide the milieu where an awareness of the value of the spiritual and creative element of life may grow and strengthen.

Peponi School is an international, multi-faith and multi-racial school where the pupils are taught tolerance and respect for those they may consider ‘different’ to themselves, so that they may succeed in the integrated community at Peponi and in the world at large. 

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