Peponi School Prefects

What better way of understanding life at Peponi than by asking the pupils themselves? Here our School Prefects for 2020–21, offer a warm welcome to the School and explain, in their own words, why Peponi is such a special place.

School Prefects

Head of School    Sean Koome
Head Girl             Carla Byarugaba
Head Boy             Shay Shah

At Peponi School, service and giving to others are key parts of the School ethos; in the Upper Sixth, becoming a prefect is fundamental to this ideology.We actively encourage pupils to accept responsible leadership roles within the community and there is a variety of opportunities for boys and girls who seek this distinction. These include: Head and Deputy Heads of School; Heads of House; School Prefects; House Prefects; Junior House Prefects and Sports Captains.
Typically, our prefects are crucial in setting the tone for the School, influencing attitudes and providing a link between pupils and adults across the campus. They play a key role in pupil well-being and are central to our commitment to supportive pastoral care.
The Headmaster appoints the Head of School and the Deputy Heads of School, one boy and one girl in the latter category. They are supported by the School Prefects, who are also appointed by the Headmaster.
School Prefects include all the Heads of House, who are nominated by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. House Prefects are also appointed by their Housemasters and Housemistresses. House Prefects have responsibilities within the House and around the school.

School Prefects and Ministers                                   

Nyamu Karani
Reyan Vora
Rhea Shah
Savan Thakar
Njeri Wachira
Kisakye Kajubi
Sohail Ahmed
Natalya Mburia
Riani Shah

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