The Mathematics Faculty

It has well been said that the highest aim in education is analogous to the highest aim in mathematics, namely, to obtain not results but powers, not particular solutions, but the means by which endless solutions may be wrought. — George Eliot

The Peponi School Mathematics Faculty seeks to achieve the highest standards in teaching and learning of mathematics, challenging all pupils to realise their full potential irrespective of their level of mathematical ability. We aim to give students the confidence to use the mathematical skills they have acquired in order to:

  • Develop the ability to reason logically, to generalise and to prove.
  • Solve problems, present the solutions clearly, check and interpret results.
  • Recognise when and how a situation may be represented mathematically and, where necessary, select an appropriate mathematical method to solve the problem.
  • Use mathematics as a means of communication with emphasis on clear expression.
  • Understand the numerical skills required for everyday life whilst striving to foster a sense of the beauty and power of the subject.
  • Apply mathematics in other subjects, particularly science and technology.
  • Study further, this and related subjects.

In the IGCSE years, mathematics is taught to five streamed sets. This enables all our pupils to receive differentiated teaching at a level that is appropriate to their individual abilities, to get all the extra help that they need (whether it is extra coaching for the weak or extended material for the gifted) and hence, for them to achieve their full potential. It is our goal to ensure that no pupil leaves the school without an IGCSE pass in this essential subject.

At Peponi we follow the IGCSE Edexcel syllabus. The new syllabus is graded using the new 9–1 system. 

Pupils who find Mathematics a little challenging may take the IGCSE examinations a little earlier in January of Upper Fifth (Year 11). This allows them the extra time to prepare for their other IGCSE examinations.

Throughout the IGCSE courses, we set investigations that encourage pupils to explore mathematical concepts for themselves using a wide variety of techniques. In the process, pupils develop skills of a higher order that can then be applied to other problems.

Over 50% of our A Level pupils choose mathematics as an option; making it the most popular A Level at Peponi School. Like IGCSE, we follow the Pearson Edexcel syllabus. The International A Level (IAL) allows pupils to take the examinations modularly - taking the exams at the end of each teaching quarter in January and June.

Every year, we enter as many of our pupils, in as many year groups as we can, into the Canadian University of Waterloo Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) competitions. Competition is fierce (upwards of 30,000 contestants enter some year-group competitions) and it gives our pupils valuable exposure to standards worldwide. Every year they succeed in showing that they have the talent and ability to stand alongside competitors from any country. Indeed, our Lower Fifth (Year 10) team has been ranked as highly as 9th internationally.

John Njoroge
Head of Mathematics Faculty

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