Faculties & Teaching

Pupils at Peponi School are taught by supportive, dedicated teachers who have a genuine love of their subjects. The Common Room works hard to bring out the best in all of our pupils; fostering tangible engagement and real enthusiasm.

Teaching and learning is at the core of academic success at our School. We encourage lively debate and questioning minds in order to support all our pupils to realise their full potential.

Our curriculum goals are to challenge our pupils in order to develop international citizens of the world, who understand both innovation and inclusivity. We achieve excellent exam results and are proud that the majority of our pupils go to their first choice university.

At Peponi School, the Common Room is divided into faculties, which are a loose collection of departments, which have subject links around a core theme. There are seven faculties at the School:

The English Faculty

The Mathematics Faculty

The Science Faculty

The Humanities Faculty

The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

The Vocational Faculty

The Crane

Each faculty is led by a Head of Faculty who is responsible for leading teams of teachers in the pursuit of teaching excellence. The Head of Faculty is also responsible for ensuring that the curriculum structure and the examination board suits the cohort of pupils and is delivered appropriately. 

Sylvia Meruh

Director of Teaching & Learning

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