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Sixth Form

We aim to develop pupils who can access their first choice university and are employable beyond Peponi School. Extensive support networks combine with a range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities so all pupils develop the necessary skills to successfully navigate the transition in to and out of Sixth Form.

The Peponi curriculum goals are to support all pupils to realise their full potential, academically, athletically, pastorally and socially. At AS and A Level, we provide a broad range of choices, which give the skills and knowledge that pupils need to enter the challenging university and work environments of today.

After taking a broad range of subjects at IGCSE, the British curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to focus on the subjects that they find most interesting, and wish to take further as a preparation for future university study and the workplace. Taking four subjects to AS at the end of Lower VI, and then continuing with three of these to full A Level at the end of Upper VI, pupils are able to specialise by taking closely clustered subjects from within one faculty area, or retain a broad interest by mixing subjects from different faculty areas.

The School requires all entrants to the VI Form to have achieved 5 C grades at IGCSE / GCSE, including Mathematics and English Language. This is because a sound academic basis is required for continuing study at AS and A Level. The Headmaster reserves the right to make exceptions to this only in very unusual circumstances and when a suitable programme of study is available for the pupil.

The School recommends that students have a B at IGCSE / GCSE in subjects they wish to study at AS level, or in a related supporting subject. Students should have an A in Mathematics IGCSE / GCSE if they wish to take Mathematics at AS level.

During the VI Form, pupils are taught rigorously during lesson time, just as they were during their IGCSEs. VI Form study also requires pupils to work independently in addition to their classroom studies, completing preparation and also reading and researching around their subjects. It is a challenging and stimulating environment, designed to develop the independence and initiative required to excel. The teaching staff provide excellent teaching, and also the inspiration and guidance needed to take pupils beyond their classroom studies, into the world of independent learning.

Learning support is provided to ensure that all pupils fulfil their potential. The Learning Support department continues to provide support to VI Form pupils, and subject teachers also commit time to helping pupils with subject specific concerns.

Peponi provides education to pupils of all abilities. However, it is important that pupils take subjects that suit their strengths, in which they will gain useful skills, and in which they can achieve success. For this reason, we ask pupils intending to take Mathematics A Level to have at least an A grade at IGCSE. It is important that, for all subjects, prospective A Level pupils listen carefully to the advice we give regarding the suitability of subjects, and act on that advice. In general, departments expect pupils to score at least a B grade in IGCSE in order to continue with A Level studies.

Peponi School's Sixth Form provision is geared towards developing the employability of every pupil. To help pupils access their first choice university we offer detailed presentations on the UCAS process. We also connect pupils with recent leavers so they get a better insight to life at their chosen university. Outstanding pastoral support systems ensure our pupils are ready to embrace new freedoms at university with the habits of mind to develop both academically and personally.

Pupils are placed in Sixth Form tutor groups, with Years 12 and 13 mixed together. Our tutors are senior teachers at the School and are able to provide the additional guidance that each pupil needs.

Careers & University Application

We realise how precious the Sixth Form is in a young person’s life. During these two years, our pupils learn to take their place alongside adults; they develop their career focus and ambition. We expect our pupils to work harder than they have ever worked before, but we also know that these are years that pupils will remember for the rest of their lives. By creating an environment that is challenging yet supportive, stimulating yet rooted in strong values, Peponi School provides the environment in which our pupils develop their intellect, initiative, and interests – and from which they take fantastic memories for the future.

‘What do you want to do next?’ is a question that is always up for discussion in the Sixth Form. Answering this question is key to identifying the skills and experience that pupils need to build in order to gain successful entry to the university course and career of their choice. The Head of Sixth Form is at the heart of this conversation, ably advising pupils on ways forward that are both ambitious and realistic. Time is set aside in Years 12 and 13 during which pupils move from considering possible routes and getting advice from the Peponi network of professionals, to making applications that will enable them to achieve their ambitions.

David Kimani
Head of VI Form

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