Senior Girls Boarding House

There are sixty girls in the Senior Girls Boarding House. The girls either belong to Jipe or Elementaita, and joi

n their junior colleagues for House sport or music, events. Regardless of their House, the girls form extraordinary friendships and exhibit camaraderie at all times. 

The House is very much one of fun and enjoyment, engendering loyalty between pupils across the age groups and Houses as well as encouraging active competition in school events. The girls are allowed space to develop self-discipline and independence that will be critical as they move on to university.

The Upper VI occupy the top floor while the Lower VI occupy the ground floor. The facilities include spacious single rooms, a common room and TV room, where girls regularly get together to play pool, make toast, sit and watch a film, or just mill about on the sofas and chat. 

The House prefects are central to the running of the House. They organise their Houses during House competitions and manage the schedule for daily responsibilities within the House. They are led by the Heads of Houses and their deputies. 

The Housemistress, Patricia (Trish) Combes, is supported by Sister Monica the resident nurse and Emily Litoro, the Resident House Tutor, who are all accessible to the girls 24/7. 

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