Magadi House

You only really need to come to Magadi during a House sport or music, to see how much being in Magadi means to the boys. Their sense of community and purposeful commitment is wonderful, and the synergy admirable - Former Head of House

Magadi House is the home for boys in Shell (Year 9) and Fifth Form (Years 10 & 11), ages 13-16 with rooms accommodating between two and four boys per room. We pride ourselves with a range of shared facilities including a common room and TV room, where boys regularly get together to play pool, make toast, watch football, sit and watch a film, or just mill about on the sofas and chat.

The House continues to provide a caring, safe and friendly boarding environment where every boy is valued and truly a home away from home. It is very much an environment of fun and enjoyment that fosters a real sense of family where dependable and lasting friendships are forged and flourish. 

Life in a boarding House can be challenging, hectic and stretching yet so much fun and fulfilling. In cultivating all round individuals that realise their potential, boys need guidance, support and encouragement. While cognisant of the need for them to have their time to be boys, a member of boarding staff is always at hand to keep a supervisory eye and offer a word of advice or reprimand as appropriate. To the young ones joining boarding for the first time, a mentor is always available to walk them through their occasional moments of self-doubt and indecision, in line with our philosophy of mentoring boys into becoming increasingly confident and independent.

A spirit of considerate competition is actively promoted to foster enthusiastic participation and enjoyment of various House activities where everyone’s talents, gifts and strengths find an avenue for expression. Understanding that different individuals are gifted differently, we are hesitant to put undue pressure on individuals to win; our focus is more on participation and enjoyment of activity. It is all geared towards bringing out the best in each individual.

Should you wish to get more details about Magadi House, kindly pay us a visit.

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