Jipe House

‘Since I joined Jipe  I am doing better in class, I have lots of friends and I'm having fun’
‘I like this school because it is easy to make friends and at Jipe House it is like one big family’

Comments from Year 10 Jipe members.

Jipe House is named after Lake Jipe, which straddles the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. The lake is fed by the Lumi River, which descends from Mount Kilimanjaro. The lake is protected on Kenya’s side by the Tsavo West National Park. The lake lacks a current as the river that flows in, turns around and flows out again.

The House is very much one of fun and enjoyment, engendering loyalty between pupils across the age groups as well as encouraging active competition in school events. The facilities include a common room and TV room, where girls regularly get together to play pool, make toast, watch football, sit and watch a film, or just mill about on the sofas and chat. We have numerous outside leisure sporting facilities where boarders can engage themselves in after school and weekends. 

All our staff have a great deal of experience and common sense, providing the warm and supportive atmosphere which has meant, each year, more and more girls have chosen to live on campus. The team supported by House prefects is able to create an enabling, friendly and supportive environment to the girls that helps them to settle in school and have fun.  They ensure the girls are smartly dressed and has everything for the day, and listen to their problems and concerns, reminding them that this or that needs to be done. The entire mission is to guide them to develop to their full potential both in their academic work and in wide range of extra-curricular activities. We have a simple motto ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’.

Rose Njuguna is married to Joseph, the Second Master. She has been the Housemistress of Jipe since 2007. Rose and Joseph's two daughters, Susan and Sarah, were also members of the House, but have now completed their school education and have moved on to university in North America.

Rose Njuguna

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