Elementaita House

Elementaita girls are part of our big, friendly family, mixing and socialising in our common room, or turning out in large numbers to cheer on our House teams. The House badge is of a phoenix, being a symbol of courage, longevity and regeneration. We are a proud House and currently hold the Inter House Dance competition title.

Elementaita House is named after the soda lake, in the Great Rift Valley, about 120 km northwest of Nairobi. The name is derived from the Maasai word muteita, meaning ‘dust place’. The lake is a Ramsar Convention site, part of the treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands.

There are over eighty girls in Elementaita. More than fifty are attached to the junior boarding House and thirty are in the Senior Boarding House. Miss Mary Mukule works in the House as a Resident Tutor, and Sister Agnes lives in the House as the Resident Matron. The House staff are assisted by pupils who have been given particular responsibilities. This includes a Head of House and House prefects. They play a key role in helping to make the House a positive and supportive place, and we look to them to be role models for junior pupils.

Within Elementaita House, we aim to provide a safe, homely, trusting and caring environment where each girl feels comfortable, happy and supported. We treat everyone as an individual, and encourage the personal, social, emotional, moral and academic development for each girl. The House has an ethos of openness and tolerance where teasing and bullying are unacceptable. We protect and promote the welfare of each girl by creating an environment that is, as far as possible, free from physical hazards and dangers. We encourage each girl to take responsibility for themselves and for others. Elementaita takes pride in developing each girl’s qualities of leadership and ability to work as part of a team.

Geraldine Coleman
Housemistress of Elementaita

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