Boarding Life

Pastoral Care at Peponi School supports every pupil on their journey as they grow and flourish. We believe that an individual’s potential to thrive is intrinsically bound with their well-being and therefore acknowledge that we need to ensure that all pupils lead happy lives surrounded by kindness, trust and a feeling of safety.

Peponi offers every pupil a stimulating, secure and caring environment. Key to this is our House system, with pupils staying with the same House from Shell through to Sixth Form. It is within our four Houses that pupils build bonds for life; sharing challenges and successes in an atmosphere of strong mutual support. The Houses are as follows:

Chala House Mr Odengo -  Boys’ House

Elementaita House Mrs Combes - Girls’ House

Jipe House Mrs Njuguna - Girls’ House

Magadi House Mrs Eysele - Boys’ House

Senior Girls Boarding House Mrs Combes - VI Form Girls’ House

Senior Boys Boarding House Mr Odengo - VI Form Boys’ House

For nearly 30 years, the boarding experience has been central to life at Peponi. Led by a Housemaster or Housemistress, and supported by a group of Nurses and Tutors, each of our Houses has its own unique character and provides a home away from home.

As a boarding school, we encourage the majority of our pupils to board. With nearly all Common Room members living on site, this means that even at weekends the School is alive with activity.

Our Housemasters and Housemistresses have a profound role in the lives of our pupils; taking absolute responsibility for the wellbeing of each pupil, guiding them socially, morally and spiritually. In addition, the Housemasters and Housemistresses help pupils with problems, pointing them towards specialist help if required.

The Houses offer an array of activities—ranging from pure fun to the more serious Inter House competitions, which cover almost every facet of School life; be it netball, hockey, swimming, cross country, debating, music or drama. The House spirit is essential o the House system; pupils proudly wear their House colours and often decorate their faces with paint and make-up, crying out war cries before a battle!

Each House is well-equipped with the essentials for a real home; pupils have access to the School’s laundry service, and each House has a cosy common room and kitchenette. Pupils come together to watch their favourite programmes on satellite television and enjoy a cup of cocoa.

Joseph Njuguna
Second Master

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