Seahorses ATS & Swim Team

Peponi House Preparatory School have launched a unique Advanced Swim Training Scheme (ATS), the only one of its kind in the Country. The Seahorses ATS is not only available to Peponi House pupils; we have opened the door to anyone who wishes to join the training scheme.

Members of the Seahorses ATS can practise with our scheme and compete for us at NASA and KSF competitions.

Swimmers are welcome to join the Seahorses ATS from around the Nairobi area after displaying talent or potential talent within swimming. Seahorses ATS will guide swimmers through a Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD) with a vision to competing at IAPS, NASA, KSF and eventually INTERNATIONAL levels of competition.

Those who want to join, they must come for an assesment and if they are at the appropriate level they will be invited to a time trial (held every six weeks) to ensure that their practise abilities are suitable for a placement on the programme. After a meeting with the Director of Swimming and the appropriate Squad Coach, a decision will be made as to the suitability of the swimmer in question. Swimmers will be required to make themselves members of the Seahorses ATS by paying the appropriate ‘Annual Joining Fee’ and the first ‘Termly Training Fee’ on invitation to join.

Becoming a member of the Seahorses ATS allows members to train within the Seahorses programme. A termly training fee will be charged, no matter how many training sessions were attended in that particular term. This training fee does not include Peponi School holidays.

John Wroe BA(Hons) M.Sc. ASA/UKCC Level 3 Senior Coach.
Director of Swimming - Seahorses ATS & Swim Team

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Seahorses Advanced Training Scheme & Swim Team

Mission Statement
We aim:

1. To enhance and promote Advanced Swim Training in Kenya.

2. To develop and guide athletes to their full potential.

3. To actively support the pursuit of excellence.

Athletes in the ATS and Swim Team are encouraged to improve their disciplines through our unique team spirit. We aim to maximise potential and assist the athletes to pursue high levels of achievement by encouraging them to reach National and International levels of competition.

Seahorses provides a competitive aquatic program, through a challenging, fun and caring environment; whilst promoting goal setting, life skills and sportsmanship.

The principals of the Seahorses ATS are:

To provide coaching and facilities beyond that which other clubs and schools in Kenya can offer.
To provide a progressive programme and environment that enables talented swimmers to achieve their potential within the sport of swimming.
To provide an environment where the best swimmers from Nairobi can train together to progress and motivate each other to higher levels.
To provide a smooth, safe, healthy and professional progressive practise programme from squad to squad following the principles of British Swimming LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) plan.
To provide positive encouragement and rewards within both practise and competition
To provide team building encouragement and exercises to generate an atmosphere which encourages sportsmanship and swimmers to support one another
To set clear practise standards and guidelines which will promote a suitable practise environment in which swimmers can reach National and International levels.
To set clear and progressive squad movements which coincide with the competition levels of each squad/LTAD competitive development phase
To nurture and develop swimmers to National and International levels of competition
To become the leading performance swim training scheme in Kenya.

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