School Swimming

Each week the pupils at Peponi House Preparatory School have one lesson of swimming.Years 2 through to 8 have a swimming lesson that is forty five in duration.The school swimming lessons follow the FUNdamental and Swim Skills stages of British Swimming's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Program.

Swimmers who qualify can train during lunchtime in the Skill Masters Lunchtime Session. Where the school team practise competitive starts, turns and stroke techniques. Pupils showing potential will be invited to join the Seahorses ATS (Advanced Training Scheme) & Swim Team.

The School Swim Team compete against other IAPS Schools in the following competitions.

November: Kenton Relays.

November: Triangular Gala V's The Banda & Braeburn.

January & February :
Under 13's, Under 11's and Under 9's compete against 5 other IAPS School from around Nairobi.

The Under 9's gala is traditionally hosted by Peponi House.

February / March : IAPS Swimming Trophy. In 2015 and 2016 Peponi won the overall top team trophy at the IAPS Kenya Swimming Championships.

Pupils aged 10 years and above also compete at the Regional and National NASA Championships.

Swimming Colours.
Swimming Colours are awarded at the end of the swimming term to Year 7 and Year 8 pupils; or any Year 6 pupil who competes in the Under 13's age group, who achieve one of the following criteria:

The Swimming Captains will automatically receive swimming colours for the duties carried out in that capacity.

  • Swimmers breaking Open Peponi House School Swimming Record or an IAPS Under 13’s Swimming Record at the Annual IAPS Gala will receive swimming colours at the end of term two. For Open Peponi House School Records broken at the Senior Swimming Gala, colours will be rewarded in term three.
  • 1st place individual performances in the Under 13’s gala and the IAPS Gala will be rewarded with a swimming colour.
  • Swimmers finishing in the top 3 Victor/Victrix positions at either NASA ‘AA’, NASA ‘AAA’ and or KSF National Championships, whilst representing the School or Seahorses Swim Team, will be rewarded with swimming colours.
  • Swimmers finishing in the top 3 Victor/Victrix positions at the Peponi House Senior Swimming Gala will be awarded with a swimming colour in term 3.
  • Swimmers selected to represent NASA or Kenya at any swimming event will be rewarded with swimming colours.

Gifted and Talented (Swimming).

  • Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be classed as potential talent.
  • Year 7 & 8 will be ‘Talented’ by achieving the following criteria;
  • Competing in an Individual Swimming event for the school ‘A’ team, a year early.
  • Podium finish at the Annual IAPS Swimming Championships.
  • Four or more NASA ‘AAA’ Qualifying Times.

Two swimming cups are rewarded to the Most Improved Swimmer and the Coaches Cup, in the final assembly of the January Term.

During the final couple of weeks of the January term, we run three Inter-House Swimming Galas.

  • Year 2 Inter-House Swimming Gala. The focus in this gala is FUN and SKILLS.
  • Year 3 & 4 Inter House Swimming Gala. This gala introduces the pupils to a more competitive swimming environment, still with a FUN focus.
  • Senior Swimming Gala. School Swimming Records can be broken and the Seniors compete to be crowned the Top House in swimming!

In term 3, the swimming year finishes with the Under 11 and Under 13 'All Round' Championships.

The top six swimmers in each event and age group compete against one another to be crowned Victor / Victrix Ludorum of the Swimming Year.