Drama isn’t just that fun lesson where the children can shout and move about! It allows children to explore their humanity. As such, it is at the heart of so many things that we do at Peponi House. From exploring the relationships between characters in books to gaining the confidence to speak in front of their class, the children use drama as a way of interacting with each other and the staff.

As they go through the school, drama is done in regular class time. Separate drama lessons enable the older children to devote more time to studying specific skills, including public speaking, picking apart Shakespeare and other authors and working together collaboratively on tasks.

All the children at Peponi House are involved with drama. Speaking and listening skills are developed in many classes while the Verse Speaking gives them the opportunity to play with poetry, performing in front of their peers and the whole school.

There are also plenty of opportunities for the children to perform on stage. There are three full productions every year across the year groups, with wonderful performances including ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Simba!’, ‘Dancing through the Decades’ and ‘The Silver Sword’. The older years also get the opportunity to perform to parents in smaller groups in more informal Entertainment Evenings. Through these, the children learn how to work together to create performances and tell stories, both on and off the stage.


One thing is certain: there is always drama at Peponi House!