Extra Curricular


All children are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, which take place once a week.

The children are able to select from a wide range of Activities which are undertaken on a Friday afternoon. These activities cater to all the different interests and passions we have at Peponi and range from badminton, to weaving, to Chess club, and everything in between! Children are encouraged to try as many different activities as possible in order to develop (and indeed discover) new passions.

Activities are grouped into Cultural, Creative and Clubs groups. A pupil will choose one from each group in the course of the year. If a pupil does a Club Activity this term, next term he/she will have to choose either a Creative or a Cultural one, leaving one group to choose from in Term Three.

Our Activities programme at Peponi House gives the pupils lots of opportunities to experience a breadth of choices. We have “a broad, balanced education which aims to maximise the potential of each pupil as a whole person”. Our Activities Programme will help us achieve this and allows pupils to get even more out of their school. Activity groups bring together children from different age ranges and classes and therefore the sessions offer an excellent opportunity to make new friends and work with new teachers; both important skills.

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) are activities designed by the teachers to challenge the pupils in areas of learning that they may not have experienced directly in the conventional curriculum of the school. The activities reflect the passion of the staff and the teachers take great pleasure in passing on their enthusiasms to a new generation. Once a week, senior pupils take part in a 6 week experience of an activity and rotate around the activities each half term in small groups. The activities, whilst giving the pupils a taste of a new experience, are created to challenge the Higher Order Thinking Skills coined by Bloom's Taxonomy. This states that in order for pupils to really be challenged that they need to: Experience; Analyse; Evaluate; Plan; and Create. Each of the activities challenges this aspect of learning and helps pupils to know how to identify their effective role in a team.

The HOTS programme aims not just to teach pupils facts and knowledge of a topic, but engages pupils in experiential learning and challenges them to think outside the box to gain a favourable result. The inclusion of such an activity session in Peponi House also allows for the teachers to re-evaluate their classroom approach and encourages them to consider HOTS in their everyday teaching and as a result, challenge the pupils more readily, preparing them for the 21st Century.