Admissions Process

The typical path to entry at Peponi House is as follows: 


Parents / guardians complete a Registration form and pay a remittance, being a rounded figure equivalent to 10% of one term’s fees. Registration does not reserve a place for a pupil; it means the pupil’s name is placed on the appropriate waiting list. The fee is offset against the first term’s fees, should the child enter the school. 


Children come to the school for their assessment. For entry into Year 2, this will be with other children from their Kindergarten and will be for an afternoon.

Older children will be asked to attend for one day.

Children at schools outside Kenya will conduct an assessment in their current school. 


Subject to a successful assessment, the offer of a place is made. For Year 2 entry, the offer will be made after the final round of assessments. For older children, the offer will be made within 2 working days of the assessment.


Should the parents / guardians wish to confirm acceptance of the place offered, they must inform the school in writing. A deposit of one half of one term’s fees must be made at this time to secure the place. This is returnable as a credit to the fee account for the child’s final term at Peponi House. Cancellation of a reserved place will forfeit the deposit.

Entry to the School

Parents / guardians will be kept informed of the entry procedure. Children will be encouraged to visit the school before they start. Year 2 pupils will be invited to attend a familiarisation morning in the term before they join.

General Terms and Conditions

If a child has had an assessment by an Educational Psychologist or similar professional, a copy of the report must be sent to the school at the time of application. Any other pertinent information (such as visual or auditory impairment) must also be disclosed at the time of application. Any offer that may be made by Peponi House on the basis of the information supplied at the time of application may be withdrawn should that information prove to be inaccurate or misleading, or if pertinent information is omitted.

On completion of the admission procedure, a contract exists between the school and the signatories on the acceptance part of the form. Withdrawal of a child after this date would only be permitted if one academic term’s notice is given in writing or if one term’s fees are paid in lieu of notice.

Fees are payable termly in advance and are due on or before the first day of each term. Fees not paid within 14 days of the first day of term will incur an automatic 3% per month cumulative surcharge. If fees have not been paid in full by half term or if arrangements have not been made for payment with the Bursar, the parents / guardians will be required to remove the child from the school until such time as the fee balance is settled in full.

In the event of withdrawal of a child from the school, one term’s written notice or alternatively, one term’s fees in lieu of notice is required. The notice must be received by the Headmaster by the first day of term. Parents / guardians working for international organisations who may force a family to relocate at short notice are encouraged to give provisional notice to the Headmaster.

Parents / guardians must inform the school of any changes of address, emails or phone numbers.

The Headmaster has the right to require at any time the withdrawal of a child whose behaviour or influence is, in the Headmaster’s judgement, unsatisfactory or undesirable. In such cases fees are not remitted.

On leaving Peponi House, a child will be supplied with a leaving certificate once all debts have been cleared and all books and other school property have been returned. Unless specifically requested to the contrary by the parents, Peponi House will pass on all relevant pupil data to the child’s next school.


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