The Peponi Education

A framework for teaching and learning is provided by the British National Curriculum and the demands of the Common Entrance (CE) syllabus for preparatory schools. CE gives pupils an extra challenge and culminates in a demanding set of exams in every academic subject. In addition, the breadth of learning that Peponi House offers gives all children the opportunity to excel.

Children are prepared for entry into independent senior schools (in Kenya and overseas) and some will sit for scholarships and all-rounder awards to those schools. An impressive total of 25 scholarships to schools in Kenya and UK in the last two years demonstrates that our children can and do achieve the very highest standards.

The constraining influence of preparation for exams, however, must not be allowed to dominate classroom life. We believe that children learn best by using all their senses and by developing an understanding for what works best for them. We make the most of practical, investigative and interactive classroom experiences. The children develop an ability to think for themselves and, as has been said before, take responsibility for their own learning. This learning is not limited to the classroom, and regular fieldtrips enhance the experience – making the most of natural Kenyan resources.

We aim to challenge and stretch each individual child but we know where to draw the line. Children are more than just students; they are unique, whole people, who deserve to be nurtured and developed in a stimulating, open-minded educational environment.