Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department at Peponi House offers children the opportunity to learn French, Kiswahili, Latin and Spanish. All pupils from Year 3 onwards study French. In Year 6, pupils have a ‘taster’ of Kiswahili, Latin and Spanish, each course lasting approximately a term. In Year 7, following the advice of their teachers, pupils opt to learn one of these three subjects and this is what they will study alongside French until the end of Year 8.

Learning a Modern Language at Peponi House is a gateway to discovering more about another country, its culture and language. At Peponi House, we aim to make a child’s first experience of a new language both fun and challenging. Lessons are taught in the target language, wherever practical, using a variety of teaching methods ranging from songs, games, Interactive Whiteboard activities and drama. We have two goals: to enable children to communicate in another language and to be well prepared for their external exams.

Lessons are interactive, with the emphasis on the spoken word, presented through games, songs and French picture books. We are very fortunate to have interactive whiteboards in our language classrooms and ICT is integral to most of our lessons.

We have a weekly lunch in French for our francophone pupils; all manner of topics are discussed in French, from Current Affairs to playing Trivial Pursuit!

For further information contact:

Emma Morton
Modern Languages