Learning Support 

The Learning Support Department aims to help enable children to reach their full academic, social and emotional potential.

At Peponi House we believe in the early identification of pupils with individual learning needs so that appropriate intervention can begin in order to maximise the pupils’ learning within the mainstream environment. The teachers in our department support pupils through differentiation, or through individual, small group or in class support as required by a child’s individual learning needs.

We use a range of resources to assist in the development of specific areas of difficulties. In the Junior Department, a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources are used to ensure multi-sensory teaching. In the Senior Department, we provide integrated support to pupils and if necessary, withdrawal from a second language may be recommended to work on specific learning needs.

Pupils, parents and teachers work together to set individual targets for pupils who require an individualised learning plan and these meetings are conducted twice yearly. Should the need arise, we refer pupils to an educational psychologist for a full assessment and then work with the class and subject teachers to implement the recommendations following the assessment.