Junior Department

“We get to choose our own lunches everyday.”

“Sometimes we get to work with our friends and mark each other's work!”

“If you do something really kind or special, you get in the Gold Book and get a sticker in Assembly.”

“I wrote a good story and it was Work of the Week.”

“My teacher makes all the boring things seem fun.”

"I didn’t like reading and now I love it!”

Out of the mouths of babes! But, probably, the most honest and transparent descriptions of our wonderful Junior department. The children bounce happily and eagerly into school every day. From Year 2 through to Year 4, we pride ourselves on focusing on the individual needs of each and every child. Through a huge variety of learning opportunities all the children are given the opportunity to develop and progress on many levels.

From day one, the children are part of one family and they flourish under the guidance and care of their teachers. All children develop a sense of individuality, responsibility and independence which allows them to take an active and enthusiastic part in their own progress and development. With a wide range of extra curricular opportunities for all, including weekly activity sessions, school outings, sports and choir, every child has an opportunity to gain a wide experience and develop their own strengths whilst accepting and improving in those areas which they may struggle.

The Junior Department is a vibrant, comfortable learning environment where every child feels welcome, confident and at ease.