Peponi House embraces computing as a stand-alone subject and also incorporates ICT across the wider curriculum. Our approach enables pupils to learn and understand complex concepts of ‘computational thinking’, while also applying computer-related skills to support their learning of other subjects.

The computing programme of study is outlined in three major areas: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. These are learnt through group discussion, practical activities, project work and informal assessments. These exciting and progressive units enrich pupils’ educational experiences, empowering the children to participate actively and confidently within the modern technological world.

Every pupil at Peponi House is taught a weekly computing lesson, either in the computer lab or through wi-fi connected mobile devices – Learnpad and iPad tablets, in other areas of the school. They have access to an extensive variety of technology, both software and hardware. Software includes the full Microsoft office suite; various coding language programs, 3D design; sound and movie editing; animation and graphic design, and internet access. Hardware includes programmable devices that control physical systems; 3D printing; desktop printers; audio and visual equipment to film media content.

We aim to keep pace with educational developments in this area and have a commitment to teachers having the necessary tools e.g. laptops and interactive whiteboards and training to do their jobs effectively.

E-Safety is embedded throughout all learning opportunities to ensure that the children use the technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. These computing opportunities equip all of the children with essential skills for their future.