Life at Peponi School


All of our pupils are different; each has a unique character and therefore the demands of the pastoral team is great.  The range of support and care which the boys and girls have available at Peponi means that they can be treated as individuals, and find someone to discuss their questions seek advice or lay their concerns to rest.


All members of the teaching staff are tutors.  The tutor is at the heart of our pupil’s experience of Peponi School.  Parents are encouraged to make the tutor the first point of contact for many of the issues that may arise on a day to day basis


Tutors are responsible for helping their tutees to gain the knowledge and skills needed to participate fully in the life of the school.   The tutor’s role will vary depending on the pupil’s year group.  All tutors are responsible for managing the overall development of their tutees and maintain close contact with Housemasters.  Generally a tutor’s role is to help each pupil to:


1. Make the most of their time at Peponi

2. Develop their understanding of the world in which we live

3. Achieve a healthy balance between academic and extra – curricular activities

4. Set targets and organise their time affectively

5. Discuss quarterlies and make regular academic assessments


Subject teachers keep tutors abreast of each individual’s effort and attainment through the reporting (quarterly) system and informally through discussion and general conversation.


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