Bus Timetable

This timetable is reviewed at the end of every academic year and changes are published at the end of the Trinity Term. 


Timetable for 2014 -2015


Monday to Friday

Drop off
Monday to Thursday Evening

Drop off

Karen Shopping Centre – at Shell Petrol Station 6.30 Monday Morning Only - 17.40 Friday Evening Only at Oserian
Ya-Ya Centre – at Engen Petrol
6.40 Monday Morning Only - 17.20 Friday Evening Only
Lavington Shops – car park area 6.40 Monday Morning Only - 17.20 Friday Evening Only
Spring Valley – SSD Temple opposite Spring Valley Shopping Centre 7.00 18.05 17.25
Muthaiga Shops, near petrol station 7.10 17.40 17.00
Thika, outside Gymkhana 7.20 17.30 16.30


Please note, these are our target times and we will stick to them as closely as possible, traffic permitting.


Weekly boarders should have booked their place on a particular route before the beginning of the Michaelmas term by returning the attached form.  Once allocated a place on that particular bus, that will be the route that your son or daughter can take.  The school should confirm any change of route at least one week in advance.  There will not be the availability of any changes during the week.


Full boarders who wish to use the school bus in order to stay with friends in Nairobi should seek permission for a place on a bus by the preceding Wednesday.  There is sadly no guarantee that every request can be accommodated.  We will try our best.


Full boarders who travel to Nairobi by plane will be met at the airport at the beginning of term and put on their flight at the end of term. Please notify the school of flight details at least a week before arrival or departure. The school will make and confirm bookings if required.


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