Learning Support

The learning support Department at Peponi is named Crane, after the school logo.

At Peponi we believe in providing every possible opportunity to develop the full potential of all students in an inclusive environment. The principles of our school are -


  • To provide a relevant broad based curriculum within a caring environment in which all students can develop and grow towards their full potential regardless of their ability.
  • To provide for and support, the students with learning difficulties, to follow the whole school curriculum and to achieve success and progress according to their potential.

The in schools assessment arrangements ensure that student’s special needs are identified as soon as possible. Assessment data is used to inform and facilitate decision making with teachers, parents and students.


Whenever possible we try to meet every students needs within the classrooms, through ensuring that our planning, teaching and approaches meet the needs of the majority of the students in our school.


However, when through careful identification and assessment we and/or the parents determine that a student is not making adequate progress, then the class/subject teacher will consult with Senco and other options will be provided.


With the care and support all our students grow in confidence, independence and self reliance to become confident and capable learners.


In the department with the help of our professional team we address the whole range of learning difficulties eg Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD/ADD, Mld and more.


Support to the pupils is provided both in class and in the department. IEP’s are used by our teachers to support and differentiate work in class. There is constant liaison between teachers and department to monitor progress.

Members of our team


SENCO    Veena Arora (B.A, Psychology, R.S.A SPLD, Post graduate diploma SPLD, UK)

               Jusper Gasami (B.A, Special needs)

              Mercy Wambugu (Bed, PGD SPLD, M.A special needs)


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