• Stimulate interest and enthusiasm in the study of History.
  • Promote the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past.
  • Think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments
  • Promote an understanding of the nature of cause and consequence, continuity and change, similarity and difference.
  • Encourage international understanding.
  • Foster independent thinking and making informed judgments of issues.
  • Encourage the development of linguistic and communication skills.


The Department aims to expose students to a cross-cultural course through a series of international themes. The central task of the student is to describe and formulate explanations of historical events in consideration of the circumstances of the time. All this is then tied to the requirements of IGCSE and ‘A’ Level CIE History syllabus.

Students are exposed to primary and secondary historical sources where differing accounts of the same situation are given. A variety of sources may be used, for example documentary, statistical, visual and maps. Students are taught how to examine the sources, write lucidly and answer questions effectively as well as consider their reliability and usefulness to Historians.


Other than the class core textbooks there are numerous reference books in the library where students can dig out more information on a given topic. They also browse the internet and watch video documentaries to support the lessons.

The subject is successful in the school with consistently very good results at IGCSE and ‘A’ Level.

The department in collaboration with other depertments such as Mordern Languages and  MUN have organised trips to Egypt, USA, and Germany, and there is one underway to Zanzibar this October.

An outline of the Peponi School Y9 Syllabus


  • Slavery and Slave trade
  • Civil rights movement in the USA 1960’s
  • Imperialism-Scramble and Partition of Africa
  • Apartheid in South Africa
  • Causes of World War One



At the end of the year, students will have gained an insight into major events that have contributed to the Modern World History and be better prepared to study History at IGCSE level and later on at  A Level. This further provides a suitable foundation for the study of History or related courses in higher education. Equally it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in Arts, Humanities and Social Science related areas (such as Law), or as part of a course of general education.


Teachers of History:

Joseph Njuguna

Jimmy Carter Ogodo

Claire Nightingale



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