Young Investors Club

The structure of the activity is as follows;


  1. Online stock trading

    Pupils operate a remote account hosted by smart youth investments ltd where they can buy and sell shares/portfolio remotely.

    Upon registration, the get a capital of KES 3M (virtual money) for trading.

    They buy & sell stocks using real time data from NSE, just like anyone would trade with a real account.


They are taught on how to decide on when to buy and/or sell based on current and past trends.

Pupil making the highest profit gets a prize at the end of the year.


 2.Business Incubation programme.
Pupils are taken through training on how to develop a business plan.

They use a business model canvas that guides them on how to incubate a business idea from conception 

The pupils develop product prototypes and pitch their ideas at an entrepreneurship day where other schools also participate.

The winning idea/pupil(s) receive a prize.



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