Business Studies


  1. To be one of the most successful IGCSE, AS and A level Business Studies department in the country.
  2. To develop within students a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value.
  3. To make students aware that business behaviour can be studied from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders including customers, managers, creditors, owners and employees.
  4. To help students acquire a range of skills, including decision-making and problem solving in the light of evaluation and the quantification and management of information.
  5. To make students aware of the current structure of business and business practice, as reflected in events and issues affecting organisations in different sectors and environments, recognising that they face different degrees of competition.
  6. To support the school’s aims with appropriate teaching strategies and departmental policies


Our Main objectives are;

  1. To offer a suite of Business Studies courses that are academic in nature,challenging in content and universally recognised for their worth.
  2. To teach the subject in a lively, dynamic manner so that students are enthused by it and wish to achieve the very best grade that they can in their final examinations.
  3. To provide a supportive environment for all students, especially those who may need additional time and tutorial guidance to ensure that they reach their full potential.
  4. To keep abreast of all developments in GCSE, AS and A level specifications and assessment methods.
  5. To monitor the progress of each student within the department and to alert the Head of Department, tutorial staff, and if necessary, the Director of Studies, of any problems with students or lack of student progress.


The Business Studies classes take a problem solving approach to business activities with the aim of developing the students’ awareness of organisations, markets, workers and other parties such as governments, banks and exporters within the framework of the day- to-day operations of business enterprises.
The students are therefore prepared to have a critical understanding of the way businesses are organised internally and the local, national and international environments within which they operate.


Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies
Successful Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies learners will be able to:

  • Understand different forms of business organisations, the environments in which businesses operate and business functions such as marketing, operations and finance
  • Appreciate the role of people in business success.

They will also gain lifelong skills, including:

  • The ability to calculate and interpret business data
  • Communication skills needed to support arguments with reasons
  • The ability to analyse business situations and reach decisions or judgments.


Main units at IGCSE Business studies

    • Understanding business activity
    • People in business
    • Marketing
    • Operations management
    • Financial information and decisions
    • External influences on business activity


Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies
Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies are accepted by universities and employers as proof of essential knowledge and ability. The Business Studies syllabus enables candidates to develop:

  • The capacity to analyse characteristics and activities of business organisations and how they respond to the changing demands of their environments
  • An understanding of how effective managers and leaders develop successful organisations in terms of customer focus and the products/services they offer
  • The opportunity to reflect on how successful business organisations engage in financial and accounting practices to maximise value for stakeholders value
  • knowledge that relates to strategic planning and decision-making to ensure business survival, change, and sustainable success
  • a solid foundation for further study.

Candidates examine the management of organisations and, in particular, the process of decision-making in the context of a dynamic external environment. Candidates beginning this course are not expected to have studied Business Studies previously. Cambridge International A Level Business Studies provides a suitable foundation for the study of Business Studies or related courses in higher education. Equally it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in businessor management, or as part of a course of general education.

Cambridge International AS Level Business Studies constitutes the first half of the Cambridge International A Level course in Business Studies and therefore provides a suitable foundation for the study of Business Studies at Cambridge International A Level and thence for related courses in higher education. Depending on local university entrance requirements, it may permit or assist progression directly to university courses in Business Studies or some other subjects. It is also suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in business or management, or as part of a course of general education.


Broad concepts covered at AS/A LEVEL Business Studies

  • Business and its environment
  • People in organisations
  • Marketing
  • Operations and project management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Strategic management


Quote: The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.

Teachers of Business Studies: Mr. Felix Tanui, Mr. David Kariuki


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