The Peponi School Humanities students are, by design, exposed to a wide variety of experiences either through tours and excursions, electronically or in theory thereby enabling them to get insights into what goes on in other parts of the world. This enables them to be more appreciative of their own world and to be tolerant of circumstances, beliefs, cultures and ethos that are different from their own while at the same time being able to understand why things happen the way they do.

The student is adequately equipped to be in a position to look for information from different sources, and is empowered to understand it, to analyse it logically and conclusively and to present findings orally and in writing. This prepares them to face a world where research is crucial for progress, where problem-solving is an everyday requirement and where the hunger for good leadership is overbearing.

Our aim as a department is to develop a student who not only sees but appreciates; who not only hears but listens; who not only looks but sees; who not only asks but questions; and one who not only says but expresses themselves.

The Peponi School Humanities Department product is therefore not only more knowledgeable but also more self-confident, more independent, a better citizen, leader, manager, entrepreneur, worker, traveller, family member and human being.


Departmental Structure

The Peponi School Humanities department comprises of six main subjects:

Geography and History are offered as compulsory subjects in Year 9 and as optional ones from Year 10 all the way up to Upper Sixth form.

Business Studies is available as an option from Year 10 all the way to Sixth Form, while Economics, Psychology and Religious Studies are offered as beginners courses at AS level with students progressing to A2 level if they so wish. 




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