Examinations and their results are now a major part of the educational landscape.  Universities look not only at A Level predictions but also at IGCSE results when making offers to pupils of a place on one of their courses.


At Peponi School we are very aware of the importance of examination results. However, we are also aware of the importance of intellectual inquiry and how the School can help in maintaining the appropriate balance between the pressure of attaining good results and fostering an enjoyment of learning that will allow them to move on to higher levels of learning.  Hard work is a crucial feature of any worthwhile education and providing pupils with the framework that encourages a good work ethic is an essential part of life at Peponi.  


The British system is unique in having a post 16 set of examinations.  These are followed by another set of A Level examinations.  The final three years of school is dominated by examinations and we appreciate that this time can be stressful and difficult for both the pupils and also their families.  Peponi is a small school and we all work hard to provide the guidance and support that your child requires.  We believe very strongly that it is a good system that encourages curiosity, intellectual stimulation and fun, yet incorporates purposeful endeavour, challenging demands and allows a full development of a character that will allow success beyond school. 


The North American universities do respect our A level candidates and we have enjoyed the success of a number of our pupils for gaining entry to very competitive universities in both the United States and Canada.  Entry is slightly more complicated in that there is no central admissions system.  However, a pupil will need to secure good grades at IGCSE and A Level in addition to a good performance in the SAT papers.  Advice and guidance is given to all pupils and this includes those who opt for courses in the American system.


Mr Mark Durston



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