Mission Statement

PeponiSchool is founded on Christian principles. It was established in 1989 to be a first class co-educational boarding school, based on which is best in theBritishIndependentSchoolsystem.


Our aim atPeponiSchoolis to develop the whole pupil within a caring community. To impart to them the values and skills that will enable them to:


  • To be self confident;
  • To think independently, having been taught essential values will help them to pick out the good and discard the bad elements they encounter in life;
  • To develop a solid educational base which will enable them to move on to higher education and become self-reliant;
  • To develop a sense of service so that they become willing contributors to society;
  • To fit into the world once they leave the safety of school.


Peponi is an international, multi-faith, and multi-racial school where the pupils are taught tolerance and respect for those whom they consider ‘different’ from themselves. As a result they will succeed in the integrated community at Peponi and in the world at large.


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