The Common Room

Peponi prides itself on discovering and nurturing the talent of every pupil, allowing each and every one to find their passion. Key to this aim is our Common Room, all of whom share the Headmaster's vision, to provide “the best all round education that prepares our pupils for the challenges of an ever-changing world."

The Senior Leadership Team

Headmaster: Mr Mark Durston, BSc (Nottingham), MA, PGCE
Second Master: Joseph Njuguna, BEd Arts (KU)
Director of Teaching and Learning: Ms Sylvia Meruh, BEd (UoN), EMOD (USIU)
Director of Studies: Ken Winstanley
Director of Co-curricular Activities: Ms Geraldine Coleman, Cert Ed (London)

The Boarding Team

Chala Boys' Boarding Housemaster: Mr Andy Chuter, 
Elementaita Girls' Boarding Housemistress: Ms Geraldine Coleman, Cert Ed (London)
Jipe Girls' Boarding Housemistress: Mrs Rose Njuguna
Magadi Boys' Boarding Housemistress: Mrs Jennifer Eysele, 
VI Form Girls' Boarding Housemistress: Mrs Patricia Combes
VI Form Boys' Boarding Housemaster: Mr Felix Tanui, BEd Arts (KU)

English Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mrs Lillian Ayatta, BA PGCE
Teaching staff: Mrs Dianne Davidson, BA & GDE (Sydney)
                          Mrs Claire Nightingale, BA Hons (Liv), PGCE (Liv) Head of Fifth Form (Years 10 & 11)

Mathematics Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr John Njoroge, BSc (KU), PGCE
Teaching staff: Mr Marco Ayatta, BEd Science (KU)
                            Mr David Kimani Head of Sixth Form
                            Mr Antony Mogere
                            Mr Julian Pallister, MA (Oxon), PGCE

Science Faculty

Head of Faculty: Dr Eliud Mulanda, PhD (UoN)
Teaching staff:  Mr Charles Kamande, BEd Science (UoN)
                            Mr Collins Kaunda, BEd Science (KU) Housemaster of Magadi
                            Mr Simon Odundo

Humanities Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr. Jimmy Ogodo, BEd Arts (MSU), Dip HR
Teaching staff:  Mr Seoras Strain
                            Ms Emily Litoro, BEd (MSU)
                            Ms Sylvia Meruh, BEd (UoN), EMOD (USIU) Director of Teaching & Learning
                            Mr Richard Mbithi, BEd (MSU)
                            Mr Peter Nduati, BEd (KU), MA (UoN)
                            Mrs Claire Nightingale, BA Hons (Liv), PGCE (Liv) Head of Years 10 & 11
                            Mr Joseph Njuguna, BEd Hons (KU) Second Master
                            Ms. Saniya Kakkar
                            Ms Joanna Drew
                            Mr Felix Tanui, BEd Arts (KU) Housemaster of Senior Boys

Modern Foreign Language Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr Yohann Henry, BA (Nantes), PGCE (Soton)
Teaching staff:    Mr Sylvester Nyangweso, BEd (KU), MA (Rouen)
                             Ms Jacqueline Olembo, Dip (Alliance Francaise)
                             Mrs Nora Wachira, BEd (KU)

Vocational Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr James Laight, BA Hons (Leeds), PGCE (UCE), DipABRSM, LRSM
Teaching staff:  Ms Geraldine Coleman, Cert Ed (London) Dir. Co-curricular Activities & Housemistress of Elementaita
                            Mr Thomas Njuguna, BSc (EU)
                            Miss Mary Mukule, BA Fine Arts (KU)
                            Mr John Kutner, BSc ICT (MSU)
                            Mrs Beatrice Wandolo-Wakhu, HDip HRM (IHRM), BEd FA (KU), MPhil ITE (KU)
                            Mr Andrew Chuter
                            Mr Marc-Antony Eysele, Director of Sports

Crane Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr Fred Matu BEd (MSU), MA SpEd (UCL)
Teaching staff:  Ms Mercy Wambugu, BEd (Hons) Arts (KU), MA (Middlesex) Head of Year 9
                            Mr Jusper Gasami, BEd (Hons) (KU)
                            Mr Hillary Moseri, BEd (Hons) (EU)

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