Welcome to Peponi House

If this web site is your first introduction to Peponi House – Welcome! It has been designed on the one hand to give prospective parents a flavour of the school, outlining what we believe are the most important factors that go to make up a successful and happy environment in which your children can learn and grow. However, I would urge you to make an appointment to come and visit the school as soon as possible so that you can experience at first hand the atmosphere and character of Peponi House.

On the other hand, if you have already been to visit the school I hope that the site gives you a reminder of what you have encountered. You will have seen confident children working with a quiet industriousness or playing energetically in a secure and friendly environment. You will have experienced the very special ambience of our beautiful grounds and our busy, well-equipped classrooms. Above all, you should have come away with an understanding of the special blend of elements that makes Peponi House “A school of many nations, a family of one”..

Robert J. Blake


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Populus E Pluribus Ortus - “A School of Many Nations, A Family of One”

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